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Star Cat: a Turnip in Time

Image of Star Cat: a Turnip in Time


Paperback, 208 full-colour pages, written by me and illustrated by Yasmin Sheikh.

Space has never EVER been so silly, so join Captain Spaceington and Co at the final frontier of laughter!

From the space slugs wreaking havoc at the Space Prettiest Flower competition, to the flativerse where everything is two-dimensional (top tip: you can only enter the flativerse when flattened by a giant mallet), life onboard the SS Star Cat is never dull!

All books will be signed and have a quick character drawing, but if you'd like me to do a more elaborate, personalised sketch in your book, please choose the personalised sketch option below - you can then use the contact button on the right to send me any details of what you'd like me to draw.